February 19, 2014

Mint Arrow

I am absolutely thrilled and beyond honored to have Mint Arrow as our very first feature. You guys are in for a real treat! Mint Arrow is "A high-end deal blog about the best deals on all things nice and necessary." Mint Arrow started in early 2013, and officially launched in April 2013. In less than one year, MintArrow.com has 75k+ visitors each month, and nearly 13k Instagram followers. Keep reading and you'll see why.

I'm sure we can all agree that there are products we would LOVE to own so we either splurge and pay full price, or we simply don't purchase at all because of the price tag. We know that these items will eventually go on sale, but we don't know when or where. Wouldn't it be so nice to simply have someone scope all the stores/websites and tell you when that item you just HAVE to have goes on sale? Don't worry my friends, that's exactly what Corrine, Creator of Mint Arrow, will do for you. And she's dang good at it. Just a few crazy good deals Mint Arrow has brought to our attention recently include: KitchenAid, some of the best baby gear (strollers, linens, breast pumps), Dyson Animal, Kate Spade, Gear Pro Camera, Beats by Dre, tons of shoes, clothes, and other gadgets...just to name a few. And we are talking GOOOOOD sales people. Like some are 83% off. Yeah. So I'm pretty sure there isn't a single human being who would not benefit from following Mint Arrow. Let's get to know Corrine and Mint Arrow a little better. Here is our interview:

1. Dash of Dollie: Can you tell me bit of background about yourself?
    Mint Arrow: I am a mother of a 1 year old, a wife, an older sister, oldest child, and type-A overachiever, shopaholic, and loyal friend.
2. DD: What is the source of inspiration for Mint Arrow?
    MA: Mint Arrow started kind of by accident. I was shopping a warehouse sale in early 2013 and I found the most beautiful Jenny Lind bed. I posted a picture of the bed with the caption "Someone come buy this" and it kind of caught on. Soon I was posting all kinds of great deals on my personal instagram with the hashtag #someonegobuythis and before I knew it, people were telling me, "You've gotta start a blog or a business doing this! You're so good at it!" And here I am.

3. DD: Who can benefit from following Mint Arrow?
    MA: My target audience is anyone from the age of a teenager all the way up to a grandmother who has great taste and is looking to buy nicer things but (hopefully!) not pay full price.
4. DD: What are a few common shopping mistakes/tips?
    MA: If you want something really bad, hold out for it! Most likely it will go on sale. Then again, there are those rare gems that sometimes you know you just have to get because you may never see them again and you'll kick yourself for walking away. I have a rule that if I walk away and then think about something the next day, I better either go back and get it or come up with a plan to find a way to get it.
5. DD: Can people make specific requests to Mint Arrow for deals?
    MA: I love requests! The best way to request help on finding a deal on something specific is to leave a comment on my Facebook page. This way, someone else who's a reader too will see that question and maybe they'll know the answer. Or if I have time to address it, maybe someone else who's needing that same thing will see and it will help them, too! Everyone wins this way.
6. DD: What do hope to see in Mint Arrow's future?
    MA: I have so many exciting things planned for Mint Arrow, but things pop up all the time too! I think it's super important with a blog to let it ebb and flow and grow in it's own way. Blogs can most definitely take a life of their own and you have to be flexible enough to let it take it's own course. I started out exploring options like selling things on the Mint Arrow instagram that I found on sale (BAD idea! ha!) and I've included regular features, like my outfit posts, that I never would have seen coming when I first started.
7. DD: What is the best social outlet for people to follow Mint Arrow?
    MA: I love connecting with people in all forms of social media! Instagram is kind of my baby, but I love Facebook (always have) and I'm getting better at Twitter! The very best way to never miss a deal is my new email newsletter. You no longer have to stay glued to your instagram but instead you'll get an email within an hour of when I post a deal. It's pretty awesome and for sure my new favorite thing about the blog.

I hope you are all as thrilled about Mint Arrow as I am! Now go do yourself a favor and sign up for that newsletter!
Connect with Mint Arrow at: MintArrow.com, on Instagram @mintarrow, Facebook, and Twitter!
-Thank you so much Corrine, for your time with me on this feature, and for what you do!-
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