March 22, 2014

Maskara's Hair Repair Treatment

{PC: Maskcara}

Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick post today regarding this awesome hair repair treatment that actually works. I recently had my friend take me super blonde and my hair was needing some major repair (What we do for blonde hair, right?) Cara, from, posted this treatment on her blog a few days ago and I knew if it was coming from her then I would have great results. Before I get into the details let me tell you a little bit about the glorious Maskcara.


If you are not familiar with Maskcara yet then you should get very excited because now you have been told about her! I have been following Cara for almost 6 months now. References to her website kept popping up all over the place so one day I finally decided to check it out. It was right around the time she launched her new cosmetics line, the IIID Foundation. Within a couple days I had watched a bunch of her tutorials, dug through her entire beauty index (Okay not the whole thing, but like 90% of them), and made my friends watch more tutorials with me. I was obsessed. She has the best beauty tips and tricks, and seemed to be so real and sweet. See the thing is, I was not looking for make-up how-to's, eye brow tutorials, or any beauty tricks for that matter. I had my routine that worked and I wasn't complaining. But I kind of became hooked and starting learning so much and I wanted more. Not to mention the fact that she went backstage to the VS fashion show and learned all their makeup/hair tricks which I have always wondered about and been fascinated with. I just couldn't stop raving about her to all my friends. I know this sounds weird, but it was more than just finding "another blogger"...I kind of felt like I was meant to find her blog! I ordered a HAC pack for myself (Which I am pretty sure was the last Medium because an hour later I checked back and they were sold out- this is a big deal for those of you who have been following her) and when it arrived in the mail I posted a photo of it on my IG feed talking about my excitement to try it.  My little sister commented "Isn't that Nick's (my cousin) wife?" I commented back that it wasn't, although it did kind of look like her. Emily insisted that it was Nick's wife. So I started looking through her feed and sure enough, there was a pic of her and Nick. I You guys, I called Bodie freaking out. Here I had been raving about this amazing blogger that I found, basically forcing people to watch her tutorials with me, ordering a completely new line of make-up as well as taking on a new application process completely different than anything I had ever done...and we are COUSINS. First cousins in fact. I told you it was meant to be! You see, Cara is a really big deal. She was Allure Magazines 2013 Beauty Blogger of the Year and now contributes to their Daily Beauty Reporter. Also, she was recently featured in the New York Times. Told you she's a big deal. And this past July, when Dollie was just a few weeks old, my family had a big 90th birthday party for my sweet Grandpa, and my heart still hurts bad that I was unable to make the flight home to attend...and guess who was there? Cara. So that made me missing it sting a little bit more. Since I stumbled across her wonderful site I started filling in my brows, HAC-ing, trying new brushes, applications, and treatments plus much MUCH more (some stuff not even related to make-up but totally great!)


Now back to this treatment. You can read her original post about it HERE which includes an explanation of how these 4 ingredients strengthen, shine, and smooth your tresses.

Combine all ingredients until smooth:
1 Egg
1 Avocado
1 tbsp Honey
3 tbsp Olive Oil

*I don't have a blender here at the hotel so I mashed with a fork and stirred as best I could (avocado was still a little lumpy).
*Apply from ends up to the roots. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse and wash well.
*It smells funny, like the inside of a pumpkin
*It feels weird and kinda rough after you wash it (due to the protein), but nice and smooth once your hair is dry.
*After I applied it I panicked because I thought the green mixture would tint my white blonde highlights, but no worries! Still nice a blonde!

My hair felt stronger and a lot smoother after doing this. It also seems to have more shine! I'll definitely be repeating this treatment! 

Hope you guys try it and love it, and I also hope you will start following Maskcara and love her work as much as I do! 

Here are a few tutorials/tips that I really like of hers: VS Fashion Show, Eye Brow Filling , IIID Foundation Tutorials , Before and Afters , and as I am linking these up I am realizing that I could add like 50 more so I am just going to stop now and hope that you go check it all out for yourself! 

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  1. You are so sweet!!! I am so glad we are cousins!!! I just wish you lived closer! Thanks so much for this post you totally made my day!!!!