April 4, 2014

San Diego Livin'

It's been just about 4 months that Dollie and I have been living with Bodie in a hotel. As mentioned in previous posts, {HERE} we are in San Diego while my husband is on a work transfer. I wanted to share some updates on Dollie, as well as some fun experiences, and lots of photos!

Dollie is now almost 10 months and she is getting BUSY! We are constantly catching her getting into something she's not suppose to, and she isn't even walking yet! She gets into every drawer and pulls all the clothes out, if we leave the closet open all the shoes get strung about the room, she pulls up to stand everywhere-couch, chair, desk, bed, drawers, fridge, sink, toilet, bathtub, even the flat wall or mirror-doesn't need a handle to hold on to. She's started to let go sometimes and stand for a second, but no steps yet.
We cannot leave the trash can on the floor anymore. She loves pulling stuff out of that thing. She's also found the toilet paper roll. Then there's the tiniest, itty bitty crumb or piece of paper on the floor that she always seems to find and shove into her mouth, and it is the hardest thing ever to get it out! Those little jaws lock shut and there is no opening them I swear. We are in a 350 sqft room. I can't even imagine how much crazier it will be when we get home and she's walking! We have PLENTY of toys for her to play with, but why would she want to play with any of them when there's outlets, cords, shoes, remotes, cell phones, water bottles, pens, drawers, papers, utensils, boxes, etc..?? .and back to the toilet. She has been caught multiple times sticking her hand in that thing! Always cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

She has started to completely climb on top of things and it freaks me out! She never ever sits still when bathing, constantly moving, turning, crawling and standing in the tub, and that goes for diaper changing too. Will NOT hold still; always rolling around. I'm sure this is all normal and those of you with kids totally understand, but dang! Didn't realize this stage would be here so quickly! She is the absolute funniest, loving, sweet little thing ever. She gives the best cuddles, kisses, and loves. She is so ticklish it's the best. She is definitely in a stage of being very clingy to me all the time. When she gets sad she always says,"Mama" and looks for me; it melts my heart. I love it so so much. Since she hit 9mo her sleeping habits have definitely changed. Sometimes she sits up and stands in her crib during the night, and what once was one or two 5 min wakings during the night is now like three or four...or five. I think it might be the stage she's in. We sleep side by side a whole lot these days. I am embracing the fact that we are in a unique situation being here in a studio hotel room, and I really try to cherish these moments together. I definitely have those morning at 5/6am when she is wide awake and I hand her over to Bodie because I am kind of done and dang tired.

She LOVES the housekeepers, and staff here. After the housekeepers have serviced our room and leave she gets really sad and crawls to the door. She is pretty friendly to everyone, but I am realizing that she is a lot like Bodie--"shy" around new people and CRAZY when it's just us.

Bodie and I basically are beyond obsessed with her. We are always fighting over who gets to push her in the stroller or shopping cart, who gets to get her out of her car seat, who gets to hold her in church or while she naps, etc.
(Hangin' out in our room)

(Play time at the park)

(First time carousel ride)

(More fun in the hotel room)

(Hangin' out by the pool)

(More fun at the park)

 (Trip home to Spokane a month ago)

I LOVE being here with my little family. We are having the best time. We have been to some really fun events, restaurants, shopping centers, and beaches. Some times we just hang out in our room and laugh and play with Dollie and it feels like we could do just that all day every day. One other thing that is my favorite is watching the sunset at the beach. It's kind of become something we do a couple times a week and it makes my heart so happy. Dusk has always been my favorite time of day, the "Golden Hour", and matching that up with the beach is a pretty breathtaking view, and one that I know I will miss dearly when our time here comes to and end. As previously stated, Bodie does not like the beach (loves the mountains-looking at you UT), but as we were watching the sunset the other day he mentioned that it was definitely a different view from what we would ever get back home (In WA, or UT).

(Supercross at Qualcomm Stadium)

(Old Town San Diego, Mormon Battalion Tour) 

(LPGA Tour, also a
 good handful of the Pro Ladies were staying in our hotel and we were able to chat with them!)

(Pier; Getting ready to watch Oceanside Half Ironman)

(Sunset at Carlsbad Beach)
(I LOVE this picture (above) of Dollie's first time swinging. Each shot perfectly shows her joy and excitement as the swing went forward, backward, and then forward again.)

I look forward to every moment of every day that we get to be here because we could be sent home any time. I am so thankful to be able to have this experience and to be creating such great memories with my two loves!  Watching Dollie grow and learn, and develop the cutest personality brings so much joy and excitement into our lives. We are blessed beyond measure and never fail to thank God for his love for us!

**I have been gathering lots of info for some good Hotel-Living blog posts in the near future. Lots of tips, basics, FYI, and some 'behind the scenes' info that I think you will enjoy. If there is anything you have ever wondered about living in a hotel, housekeeping, your room, reservations, etc...just let me know and I will happily include it!
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