June 27, 2014

Rupert and the Doll

I took some time to document the cute love that our Dollie has with her bear. I can't help but share stuff like this. I always want to be able to come back to read and look at photos as Dollie grows. This blog is definitely part journal for me! 
Many of you know about the love Dollie has for her beloved Rupert bear. We were given a few stuffed animals at the baby showers, but for some reason there was just something special about this one. I know it is very common for babies to have a "lovey". This has just been extra fun as we never planned for the bear to be that for her. She kind of made it her own.  

The first picture below was taken when Dollie was about 4.5 mo old. Her daddy put her down for a nap and when I went in to check on her I saw that he had put her bear by her. I snapped a picture because I thought it was so cute. I remember putting it on Instagram with the caption "Every time Bodie puts her to sleep he sneaks her teddy bear by her because he thinks she loves it and needs it. So cute" Teddy bear had no name yet. 

I guess you could say this was the first time Dollie really laid eyes on her bear. I remember laying her down for a nap in her crib (which she was not sleeping in at that time, so she hadn't seen him yet) after her bath and when she woke up I went in to see her and she looked up at him and smiled so big. I am so glad I snapped this photo. 

The picture was taken the day after we arrived to San Diego back in December. I was unpacking all of our things and she was so tired. She simply fell asleep on her own with her bear. I think it was about this time that Bodie decided the bears name would be Rupert. Not after anything or anyone in particular. Just random. 

From that point on Rupert and Dollie have been besties. She LOVES him. Her face lights up when we get him for her and she just squeezes him so hard and now bites him like crazy. She just grins from ear to ear. She also loves her binky, which helps her go to sleep, but Rupert seals the deal. I can't count how many times she has grabbed him and fallen asleep on the floor, the bed, wherever. It's always a different position and it's always cute. I started snapping pics of her because it became so consistent. Doesn't matter if its naps during the day or bedtime. Also, see that little ribbon under his chin? She always plays with it as she is falling asleep. Just twisting it between her fingers...sometimes I think she is asleep and doesn't realize she's playing with it. 

After taking a few of these photos I came across this womans instagram feed- MommasGoneCity. She has a blog too. (Check it out!) She had been posting photos of her little boy Beau along with their new family dog, Theo. These pictures are to die for you guys. You must go check it out. The story behind Theo is so beautiful and their relationship is magical. She used the hashtag #theoandbeau and it became like this crazy movement of people everywhere taking adorable pictures of their little ones (and grown-ups) with animals. I was a little hesitant to continue snapping and posting photos of Dollie and Rupert because they were so similar and I really do not like copy-cats, but I just knew that I was not copy-catting and that I genuinely had started taking our photos before I knew #theoandbeau existed...and let's be honest, no one probably cares anyway! (I tend to overthink things and care too much about what people think...I'm working on it) It has been fun to join in on the movement though! 

Although Rupert is not real, it is still so so sweet to see how happy he makes Dollie and how easily she falls asleep with him. I can.not.wait to get her a little puppy. It has been something that Bodie has talked about years before Dollie was ever born. I wasn't always 100% excited about the idea, but seeing Theo and Beau has made me realize that there is definitely something to be said about the relationship between humans and animals!  It's going to be so so fun! 

Anyway, when we got Rupert he was longer in length than Dollie and I think she is now longer than him. I love that she loves him so much. I love watching her face light up. Sometimes when I take pictures I am tempted to move her arm or her leg or something, but then I realize it just wouldn't be as cute if it were "posed". So, you can rest assure that all the photos of them are the real deal. I often wonder if she secretly poses for me ;) 



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