June 20, 2014

Dollie 's First Birthday Details

I am so excited to post about Dollie's official birthday party that we had for her in Spokane. It was held the day of her birthday and she had lots of friends come celebrate. I was so appreciative of that because lets face it, we have been away for 6 months and it was just nice to see friends set time aside to be with us. It was originally going to be outside but it was cold and pouring rain so we had it at our house. It was a lot easier on me, but I had to deal with some lousy yellow lighting that evening for picture taking. I think all the photos turned out decent, though. Now let's get to the details! 

A few months ago Shutterfly had a "101 free 4x6 prints" deal (that they have quite often) so I took advantage and ordered 101 prints that I had snapped of Dollie throughout her first year. I didn't really have a plan for them...until her birthday! Pinterest is just so good. I saw a few pictures of picture garland and decided to expand on it and get use of all the 4x6 prints. First I decided that I wanted to have pink/peach/lavender/gold as her party colors. I then went to work and cut out 80 4.5x6.5 squares of cardstock as the backing to the photos. I also bought a 100ft roll of wire from the local hardware store, and a couple packs of wood clothes pins. I wanted the clothes pins to have a tinge of "antique" looking color so I stained them with some pink craft paint. I simply thumb-tacked the wire to the wall and started pinning the photos. I think it turned out pretty dang awesome! 

I bought the plates, napkins, cups and forks to match and added a little detail to the forks with gold glitter glue.

The fun gold striped straws (that I didn't get a good picture of) and giant purple balloon were purchased from Brickyard Buffalo {brickyardbuffalo.com} The peach and clear balloons as well as the small gold #1 cake topper were purchased from Shop Sweet Lulu {shopsweetlulu.com} I cut out the confetti that went inside the clear balloon using crepe/tissue paper. It worked out perfectly! 

I thought the gold doilies were a nice touch to draw in the gold, as well as the gold platters for the cookies and donuts. The pink peonies and roses were cut straight from some neighbors bushes (with permission, of course!) 

I chose to do 2 cakes, both the exact same just different sizes. We had a 10" and 8" for Dollie. The flavor was almond poppyseed with a thin layer of cream cheese in the middle, and the frosting was white buttercream. It was so moist and soft. Lot's of people commented that it tasted just like a soft poppyseed muffin with frosting. They seemed to really like it! I wish I could say I made them myself. I think I will try next year. The cake platters were borrowed from a friend and she purchased them at TJ Maxx.  As for the rest of the treats we had a pink, yellow, and chocolate sprinkled donuts from Krispy Kreme, and I homemade the most delicious Swig sugar cookies! You guys HAVE to try the recipe from A Bountiful Kitchen {www.abountifulkitchen.com} They were divine. I heard people say they melted in their mouths and were so delicious and moist. I made a just a bit smaller cookies than suggested on the recipe, and it made exactly 29 decent sized cookies (vs 18). I also threw together a yummy summer drink. I mixed up some strawberry lemonade (from the canister), and threw in a couple sliced lemons, peaches, and a carton of raspberries. It was refreshing and not too sweet. Probably would be crazy delicious with homemade strawberry lemonade a fresh fruit vs store bought, but it was still good! 

All the decor turned out great and exactly as I had envisioned. With some help from pinterest, I mostly came up with the colors, design, and decor on my own which felt pretty great! I started buying bits of decor here and there a few months ago (when things were on sale or whatever) and I was a little surprised how well it all came together.
As for the actual birthday party, you know, the most important part that has nothing to do with decor. Dollie had been sick all day with a bad stuffy nose and congestion and she was basically pulling a complete fit right before the guests came, but once they started showing up she was pretty good. Not herself 100% but pretty darn happy for as miserable as she was feeling all day. She didn't dig into her cake. She got some frosting on her fingers and didn't really like that. She is such a dainty little eater (She takes tiny cheerios and bits them haha). She did seem to like her cake pop a little more. Opening presents was fun. She loved all her gifts, and especially the cute outfits (Ok mostly I loved those). She got lots of books, blocks, and other  fun stuff. Many of the gifts served us well on the plane ride back to San Diego!
(waiting for her party guests to arrive)
All her cute friends

I ordered Dollie's pink petal party dress from WRARE on Etsy {website}. I was a little late in ordering her dress and placed the order a week before. Annie had the dressed all sewed up and shipped in 2 days! She is based in Vero Beach, Florida, I figured a week to get to Spokane would be no problem. When I tracked the package on Wed (2 days before party) it was STILL in FL stuck at USPS somewhere. I thought there was NO WAY it was arriving to WA, across the entire country, in 2 days. It showed up on our doorstep the day of. Can you believe that!? It fit her perfectly. I love it SO much. Dollie looked adorable in it. Big shout out to Annie at WRARE for getting the dress made so quickly for her big day. Much appreciated! 

And just a few more shots of her cute dress...

Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so much!

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