June 17, 2014

I'm back! -UT and WA Vacation-

Hey there everyone! (Assuming anyone has stuck around, ha!) Clearly I have been MIA in the blogging world for the last 6 weeks. Dollie and I went to UT the first week of May and were there for 5 weeks visiting family and friends. Then this last and final week of our 6 week vacation was spent in Spokane, WA- where our home is. It was a way, way fun vacation. We created so many great memories with loved ones. I am not sure if I will ever get the chance to spend that amount of time in UT (Unless we move there) again so it was a pretty awesome experience. It's was so much fun watching Dollie interact with all her grandparents (6 sets total, including the great's), and her aunt's and cousins, plus many more. It was really hard being away from Bodie for that long. I have done it before (and it sucked) but it was much harder with Dollie. It seems like out of her entire year of living this past month was a BIG one for her. Lot's of milestones. Some of which include: free-standing without assistance, playing fetch with dogs, calling all dogs "pup-pup", climbing stairs (like a champ!), 2 new teeth, clapping, copying what people do, had her first allergic reaction (not sure what from exactly) and now she crawls fast to get away when you "get her". Luckily she didn't start walking so Bodie can now see her when she decides to go for it. She is so so close! She's taken 2 steps multiple times but nothing further yet. She just turned 1 on Friday the 13th. I can hardly believe it. We had a birthday party for her in UT a week before, and then a party in Spokane for her the day of. I am going to do a separate post for her birthday to talk about the details and mainly because I feel like it deserves it's very own post haha. I took a bunch of pictures throughout our vacation so I'll go ahead and post below!

 (Leaving Bodie for 6 weeks)
 (Spending time with Grandpa J)
 (Mothers Day)
 (Mothers Day with my Mom, sisters, and nieces)
 (Dollie -11mo-, Sophia -6mo-, and Lily -6wks)
 (Grandma Patty with the babies)

 (My youngest sister, Emily, 9th grade graduation)
(Met these woman 9yrs ago in college. We got together for a girls/kids weekend in St George...6 women and 9 kids + 4 in the womb)

 (Dollie's already being told she has piano fingers so we thought we'd see what she thought and she loved it, of course)
 (Dollie and Sophia -My sister Courtney's beautiful baby)
 (Bath time with Mira -my step brothers little girl)

 (Had to share this one!)
 (Glow run in Emery County with Brandee and Elise)
 (Family birthday party in UT...dainty little eater! Not a cake smasher)
 (At our home in Spokane)
 (Fathers Day in Spokane)
 (So good being back with Daddy!)
 (Making our way back to San Diego!)
(With Rupert in hand)

And that's a wrap! We had such a wonderful time (and I am now realizing that I should have taken a lot more pics with family!) Can't wait to see everyone again!

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