July 21, 2014

This Space

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want Dash of Dollie to be. I originally wanted this space to be pretty specific, and over the past 5 months I have had different ideas. At times I have wanted to write about or share something that wasn't within the "guidelines" that I had originally set when I started this blog. This has left me feeling really limited to what I want to share. I also follow some really amazing bloggers who have been blogging for years and they are so good at putting their thoughts into words. This has left me feeling a little inadequate...like who really cares to read what I have to share? What if it's not interesting? Then I realized that I care too much about what people think. 

What I have decided (for now) is that this space is mainly an outlet for me.I just want to write about things that I like or find interesting. I want to talk about motherhood, marriage, my favorite things, etc... Bodie has always nagged me about finding a hobby for myself, and honestly, I have always been really really drawn to blogging. I started a blog 7 years ago and I am so excited to have this new one going. It's my hobby. I am going to enjoy it and write about whatever I want at 12am if I feel like it...because sometimes that is the only time I have "me time". This is what I am choosing to do with that time.  

If no one reads it that's totally ok! Because one thing that I have literally day dreamed about for years before I even became a mother was having a journal for my babies. I've always imagined my daughter (not sure that I would even have a daughter) reading my journal entries when she was older. I have a few paper journals that I've written in since high school and I cannot wait to give them to Dollie. So that's the other thing about this space. It's for Dollie. I assume most of what I write about will have to do with her. She is just the most important thing in my life right now. I obsess over her every second. And motherhood is crazy, and amazing. I seriously love her so much that it hurts. She's my baby and I want to document as many thoughts and feelings that I have with her at each stage as possible because she will grow up and I want to be able to relive these times over and over and over. Writing entries is the best way I know how to do that, along with photos, photos, photos! (Which is something else I've really started enjoying- photography!) 

I am really looking forward to sharing stories, ideas, and moments here. I hope that you can be a part of it and share yours with me, if you can relate in any way, in return.

So there you go. That's what you can expect from Dash of Dollie. I guess we can call it a "lifestyle" blog...A public journal... A hobby that I am thrilled about! Or maybe no label is even necessary. 
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  1. I love blogs I wish more people still did them:)

  2. My blog is private. If you want a invite send me a message on facebook with your email. No pressure though. I made it private for a few reasons. One being only people who are truly interested will have access. So if that's not you. That's okay :) That being said -I love your blog ! I love reading about Dollie and I actually think you are very articulate and describe motherhood perfectly. Most of the feelings you express are a accurate portrayal of the feelings I experience being a mom. I remember reading one of your posts talking about never being bored and just looking into your daughters eyes. That for me has been one of the best parts-being able to connect with my daughter in a very intimate way. It's like we are looking into each others souls and hearts. It's very special. Anyway, just thought I'd say you're doing great! Keep posting!