August 30, 2014

Dollie Details

I have been in serious awe lately with my little Doll. Drooling and obsessing over her tiny self that is just bursting with personality. I know every parent feels this way about their babies (I hope), but I just can't get enough of her. So is this a brag post? Yeah, probably...but what parent doesn't want to share all the cuteness with everyone? Well, at least with family and close friends since none of them are out here with us in San Diego. It's just the three of us, which has basically been one amazing experience, but we do miss our people in UT and WA like crazy!
So this whole parent thing is way better than I ever dreamed it could be. And it's true what they say about it getting better and better with each stage. It's kind of mind blowing really. She keeps all my emotions in check at all times. So here's what's been going on in Dollie's world...
 She is 14.5mo
Has 8 teeth
Is fitting nicely in 9-12mo clothes
Is officially done nursing as of 2 weeks ago
Has the sweetest strawberry blonde hair with soft, sweet curls
Puts anything that comes close to a circle on her arm as a bracelets over and over

Heads straight for the tub and starts pulling at her clothes when we say its bath time
Leans over in the tub, dips her face in the water and blows bubbles during bath time
Has the worlds most fake cry/whine that I have ever heard
Also has a pretty funny fake laugh that we can't get enough of
Wags her finger at us for "no no no" 
Signs 'all done', 'milk', 'please', and 'more' really well, and all the time 
Likes to put her diapers in the garbage by herself
Grabs her shoes and walks to the door when we say it's time to go bye-bye
Insists on walking vs. being held the second we step out of our hotel room or the car
Is a pro walker and very soon-to-be runner

Is getting really good at walking backwards
Started to walk/run away from us when we chase her
Loves to push the buttons for us on the elevator
Walks around this hotel like she owns the place, and the staff happily allows it 
Screams all the time, at the top of her lungs. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly
Thinks bonking her head against mirrors and daddy's head is really funny
She also thinks its funny to bite daddy's toes and hit (we are working on this)
Immediately dances w/out hesitation when a hint of any song comes on, no matter where we are
Drinks a gallon of whole milk in a matter of days

 Is a very picky eater and really only likes bananas, rice, carrots, and yogurt
Loves her binky and we do, too!
Loves to sleep with us and we don't mind
Does not like blankets AT ALL
Constantly waves at people everywhere we go

Still loves all dogs and calls everyone she sees "pup-pup"
She also says mama, dada, baba (when she sees a baby), pat (patty cake) and that's about it (she's a little lazy in the talking dept which is why the binky is going away soon) 
Gives the juiciest open mouth kisses when she finally gives in and lets us have one
Favorite toy: Daddy's wallet and toothbrushes 

Favorite activities: Reading books, swimming, & climbing on top of things
Favorite shows: Baby Einstein and Elmo
Still gets called a boy all.the.time 
Dollie has a wild, free spirit, and is still constantly being told that she is "very aware"...this is something that has been said about her from day one. Her Dad and I often comment that she is a bit of a dare-devil. She is independent and isn't afraid to let you know (loudly) that she wants to do it herself. Her Dad says she is energetic, goofy, funny, and determined to get what she wants. While she seems to have a pretty dominant personality, she definitely has a tender heart. It doesn't take much for her feelings to get hurt.

Dollie is a mama's girl through and through. It's not just me saying that. Her Dad says it too. We are very close. We click and are best friends. We just get each other. Sure, we are together 24-7, but the bond we have is pretty darn special. We have our own language/relationship that I treasure dearly. I love how much she loves me, wants me, and depends on me. It's the best feeling in the world. When I leave for even 30 minutes I just miss her so much and can't wait to scoop her up in my arms and snuggle her. There are some days, however, when I would like to be able to go to the bathroom, or take a shower, or eat a bowl of cereal, alone. On days like that I have to remind myself that someday she won't want to be by my side every second and I will miss it and long for it. So I have to remember to embrace those moments.

Sometimes I can tell Bodie gets a little (or a lot) jealous and I feel kinda bad. But they definitely have a special bond themselves. The look on her face when I tell her that Dad is coming, or when she hears his voice is priceless. The way he plays with her is so cute. They are crazy together. He lets her get away with more, and is a lot more daring than I. She likes that a lot. He said the other day that he is going to spoil her so much that she loves him more than me, haha. I know for a fact that as she gets older they are going to be the best of friends. I can just tell. They are alike in so many ways. It's very obvious. I guess that means I get to be stingy with her for a while longer. 

We are loving our time here in San Diego. It's been some of the absolute best days/weeks/months of my entire life. I wouldn't trade this time for anything! So thankful for my little family. They are my favorite people and I love them dearly! 

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