September 18, 2014

Family Pictures

We have been hotel-living in San Diego for exactly 9 months. C R A Z Y. Crazy awesome!!! For the record, because I get asked all the time why we don't move here, I would in a heartbeat but Bodie absolutely refuses. Yes, you read that right. Has he been offered a significantly higher paying job out here? Yes. Did he turn it down? Yes. He says it's something about the... blah blah blah, traffic, blah blah blah ... apparently every morning and every evening he has to drive in it for about an hour, which I know absolutely nothing about because I am just hangin with D all day every day enjoying the sun, palm trees, beach, shopping, parks, beach, ocean, beach, and the comforts of our hotel room, and the pool. I guess I kinda feel sorry for him, but come on! Who would not want to live in San Diego!? Oh yeah, also it's ridiculously expensive to live here and he...okay, okay WE, aren't diggin' that. Basically our dream is to live in cute little house on a farm in Utah, which is very different from this city. So I guess I will just savor every moment we have here until the day we leave....which is still undecided, but we do know that it will be soon-ish. 

My favorite thing to do here has been to watch the sunset at the beach. It's breathtaking and magical every.single.time. Without question I will miss it the very most. It seemed only fitting to get some family pictures done during the sunset at one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches here, Windansea Beach. It just so happened that Bodie's cousin Kadin, his wife Cortney, and their little girl Aisley just moved here a few months ago. Cortney has done a little photography and is wanting to get into it more so she was very willing and happy take our photos. I handed her my new DSLR and we got to shooting. She got some really cute shots of us, and I had some fun (and some stress) doing a little post processing that I have been learning through Lightroom. Fun, fun! Now onto the pics!

I just love how each photo is a little different with the beautiful colors of the sunset and the ocean waves. LOVE my sweet family and love this city!  
-If you are viewing this on your phone then the colors probably look really intense and I'm not really sure why. They definitely are a lot more subtle on my computer....weird!-
Huge thanks to Cortney for taking these! *And just as a side note, Cortney makes the most darling headbands and headwraps for girls, check her out on Instagram and Etsy at: WESTTHREADS*

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