October 21, 2014

Cali Love + Sunset Park

Yesterday was a long day. We drove 45 miles south to San Diego State University with Bodie for a quick site he had to work on. Then we drove back to the hotel to grab a couple things and headed 45min north to Orange County so Bodie could drop off some stuff at the warehouse. Lotssss of driving for Dollie. She was a trooper though! Once we got back I dropped Bodie off at the gym and off Dollie and I went to the park for some much needed running around and play time. The golden hour was amazing, as usual. We had fun. 

This is one of my fav outfits of Dollie's so far. All the items she is wearing are from places that I LOVE to shop. I just picked up her cute California print tee from a local shop who carries Mini & Maximus...score! Because why wouldn't we buy cute things that we can take home with us that will remind us of living in Cali? Her darling little shoes ($7!) are from a local thrift shop (that's actually pretty well known around here apparently) that we stumbled upon a few weeks ago...bow clip also local! I am finding so many great local shops around here that I also follow on Instagram and it's basically the most exciting thing ever! Bodie is thrilled, as I am sure you all guessed, as any husband would be.

Outfit Details:
Bow Clip: Printed Palette (Local + IG + Website)
Cardi: H&M
Tee: Mini & Maximus (IG + Website) via Ollie & Me (IG)
Shorts: Susies Custom (IG) 
Shoes: Thrift Shop

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