October 11, 2014


This week flew by. We tagged along with Bodie to work Mon, Tues, and Wed, and Thurs and Fri were spent at the pool all afternoon. That basically was our week! It was a great one! Pretty sure we are going to hit the pool or beach daily until we leave here. We still don't know when exactly that is but we do know its by the end of the year. That means only a couple more months of sunny San Diego. We are really excited to get back to Spokane, in our home, with our friends, back to the normal life. I just wish we didn't have to go back during the winter! There really is no way to prepare for that change of weather. Dollie is going to hate being bundled up with layers, and socks. I can already see her tugging and pulling at her sleeves and pants, ripping her socks off...I don't even remember the last time she wore a pair of socks. I don't even think we have a pair here in the hotel with us. Maybe I should start transitioning her slowly...

Anyway, we got this adorable aztec romper from the Kardashian Kids collection, which can be found exclusively at Babies R Us. It's their summer collection and since it's still summer here we will continue rocking it along with her little jellies that I get compliments on every single time she wears them. (They are from Payless, btw) Her vest is from target, and her sweet little black glitter bow clip is from my all time fav bow shop Little Kate Designs, which you can find on Etsy and IG. 

Hope you all had an awesome week and have something fun planned for the weekend! We are gonna tune in to some Ironman Kona World Championship, go to one of the coolest farmers markets here that just happens to be right up the road, and finish preparing our talks for church tomorrow that we couldn't be more excited about. Bodie LOVES talking in church. He hasn't been practicing, stressing and working up a sweat just thinking about it at all. It's gonna be great! 

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