October 8, 2014

Tutu + Lace

I am going to miss San Diego weather so much when we leave.  It's still so perfect here. 80's-90's during the day, and those perfect cool, crisp mornings and evenings. We are soaking up every last minute of shorts, tee's, and bare feet. I took Dollie out around the neighborhood a few evenings ago for a mini photo session to practice with my camera. It's so much fun seeing her personality as she is set free to explore. She is always so focused on what she is doing. That's something that people have commented about her since the day she was born- how alert and aware she is of her surroundings. I can't wait until she starts talking so I can hear what's going on in that sweet mind of hers. For now I will just enjoy her expressions and jibber-jabber. I could stare and listen to her all day long...oh wait, I already do. 

On another note, I am really excited to continue learning photography and getting better. I just want to be able to produce beautiful photos of my children. One thing is for sure, practicing on a toddler is a great way to get familiar with your camera! Although figuring it out can be very frustrating at times, I have already learned so much and can officially say that I am enjoying it. After this session I realized that I take so many pictures of Dollie (you may have noticed) and many of them go un-shared. I think Dash of Dollie is the perfect outlet for me to share ALL of my favorites, instead of just a few. So you can look forward to more Dollie posts including a lot of the outfit details (as I am getting asked more and more about that). Have a great rest of your day and week! 
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