November 19, 2014

Leaving San Diego

I can't tell you how thrilled we are to be staying in Utah for a little while. In a matter of weeks we will be boarding a plane for SLC and not just for a weekend getaway. The opportunity presented itself in the most perfect way, minus the blistery cold time of year, but that's okay. We sure have missed that beautiful state.  

But this post isn't about Utah. It's about San Diego. It's equally difficult to put into words how incredibly sad I am to be leaving this city. This past year has meant so much to me. It may seem like it's been nothing but sun and fun, which is partly true, but it's been so much more than that. 

If I would have been told in the beginning that we would end up hotel-living in San Diego for a year I would have never believed it, but I definitely wouldn't have turned it down. I remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when Bodie got the phone call from his boss that they were requesting him to come back to San Diego on transfer. I was elated. I immediately said a prayer thanking my Father in Heaven for this blessing, not because I wanted to get rid of Bodie, but because I had secretly been praying that they ask him to go back out so that Dollie and I could go with him. Yes, I was in fact praying for this exact opportunity to take place. The secret's out I guess. I had been wanting to leave because I was in a little bit of a funk. You see, prior to Dollie being born, Bodie had been working in Seattle for 10 months, and then immediately transferred straight from there to San Diego for 8 months which was basically the entire duration of my pregnancy. He came home just in time for us to move into our newly purchased home before Dollie's arrival. For the next 5 months our time was spent learning how to be parents to a brand new baby, fixing up things around our house, helping friends remodel their house, church callings, Bodie's regular work schedule plus time at the gym, and just all the extra day to day things that keep us busy. After a few months of that I was just feeling frustrated, annoyed, bummed and mostly just feeling like something was missing. I had gone so long without having my husband around- 18 months- and even though he was home he was still so busy and I just wanted him all to myself. I wanted to go away where it could just be the three of us without any extra responsibilities and obligations. I didn't care if it was for 3 months or a year, I just wanted to go. I needed to get away with my family.

So here we are a year later and it's been just the three of us every single day. (Minus our UT trip over the summer). I knew the second we stepped off the plane that it was going to be good. I knew it was where we were meant to be at this time in our lives. Bodie's work schedule has been busy out here for sure, but at the end of the day it's just us spending time together and nothing else to worry about. I have had Bodie and Dollie all to myself and it's been glorious. Is that selfish of me? Yes, probably. But I just needed this. I knew going into it that it was a rare opportunity that we most likely would never be able to experience again. We were able to leave our newly purchased home in the hands of our dear friends to watch over, to come out here and live completely expense free in this beautiful city enjoying everything is has to offer, and mostly each other. Even if Bodie were to continue traveling with this company, it's not sensible to continue living in hotel rooms as Dollie gets older, and as we add more children to our family in the future. It was a now or never kind of situation and I am so glad that we embraced it and went full throttle. It's been one of the best years of my life. The memories we have made will certainly last a lifetime. Friendships have been created that I just adore. The staff at the hotel has been amazing and so giving. I will miss them dearly.

As if all of what's already been mentioned doesn't make leaving San Diego hard enough, there's also the fact that Dollie has grown up here. This hotel is really all she knows. When we arrived she was 6 months old. Now she is almost 1 1/2. All of the major milestones have taken place here. She learned how to crawl, how to stand, and how to feed herself a tiny cheerio for the first time at this hotel. She took her first steps by the pool, and found out just how much fun water can be, especially when Daddy dunks her under. She first learned to wave and blow kisses thanks to the maids. All the staff loves her and she loves them. They all know her by name and never hesitate to play with her every time they see her. It saddens me to think that we will pick up and leave very soon and she will probably never see them again. 

The first time her toes touched the sandy beach and her eyes peered out at the enormous ocean was on her first Christmas Day in Carlsbad. We captured the sweetest photos of her at the San Diego temple for her first Easter. Her first time trick-or-treating was spent roaming the shops along Encinitas boulevard. The discovery of just how delicious fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are came by way of the front desk staff every day at 5pm. Her first little suntanned skin developed down at the hotel pool. Her first skinned knee took place in the hotel parking lot, and the nearby park with the blue swing took her breath away for the first time as she gasped and screeched with excitement while Daddy pushed her. Her attachment to her beloved Rupert bear began here, and our little hotel room is where she was weaned from nursing, which I hold dear to my heart and miss so much. 
People often assume that living in a hotel for a year must be awful. That couldn't be further from the truth. There have been some annoyances at times, but mostly it's just been a really fun, unique experience that I wish everyone could have.  I definitely have a lot more respect for hotel staff, mainly housekeeping. They work so hard and get paid very little...they make the hotels run. They deserve so much and are some of the hardest working women I have ever met. 

Okay, okay...this year has been jam-packed with lots of fun, too! San Diego has the absolute best weather around, I'm convinced. We have been living in shorts, flip flops, and bathing suits. We have spent nearly every day in the 80 degree sunshine with the occasional 70 or 90 degree day.  Seriously perfect. There has been much beach time, pool time, golfing, delicious cuisine, and killer shopping. We have done so many fun things: Super cross, the San Diego Fair, the Del Mar horse races, 2 unforgettable, dream-come-true concerts, the San Diego Zoo, Old Town San Diego (a few times), MLB games, and loads upon loads of leisurely walks to the park, hanging out in the lobby watching the games, movie nights in our room and the list goes on. Gosh, it's been so much fun. Vacationing for a year...what a dream come true! 

So we're outta here in a week. It's weird that we are actually leaving. There are many times when we thought we were throughout the year, but then it wouldn't happen. Now it really is. I am sad. But I suppose it's time to share Bodie and Dollie. They're a pretty neat crew. We are spending the next few days playing at the pool, enjoying sunsets at the beach, eating at our favorite restaurants, and the always exciting, packing. But, like I said in the beginning, we truly are so excited to go to Utah. A new hotel, a new(ish) city, an entirely new climate, and lots and lots of family and friends. But not before making a pit-stop in Spokane to hang with all of our besties for Thanksgiving. I hope my selfishness hasn't made all of you forget about us ;) See you all very soon!!!

This was a crazy long post! I just had to get those feeling out there. I am going to do a separate post later this week with nothing but pictures highlighting this entire past year. Come back and reminisce with me!  

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  1. What kind of work is your husband in? It sounds similar to our situation :)