November 8, 2014

Tubby Todd

It's been a while since I shared some of my favorite finds regarding products, shops, etc. It is with a  squeaky clean, deliciously smelling Dollie that I introduce you to...

Tubby Todd Bath Co. 
(You are going to love this!)
Love Lake Lavender Wash
(Photo from Tubby Todd)
In the Instagram world (if you follow a myriad of fun entrepreneurial shops like I do) you probably find yourself viewing new, fantastic products that have great reviews and are 'must-haves.' I see them all the time. And if I purchased every one of them that appealed to me then we would for sure be in the poor house. Anyway, over the past couple months I have seen this Tubby Todd soap as I scrolled through my feed and it seemed to have great reviews and lots of love from it's users. I have always been one to throw a bottle of  J&J lavender wash into my cart but I had recently decided to give the new Honest brand a try. A little more pricey than my usual but hey I wanted to see what this natural + organic wash was all about. My review of Honest? Smells good, like orange creamsicle, and truthfully that's really all I noticed. Bodie has said multiple times that he swears it hurts Dollie's eyes. I don't think it does bad, but I don't think she loved it. I didn't plan on buying another bottle. It just wasn't memorable for me.
So there we were at church a few Sundays ago and I was questioning this super sweet girl about her bag that I was drooling over. In our conversation it comes out that this girl just started a baby soap company called Tubby Todd. Yeah. I was like "Wait a second, did you say Tubby Todd? I think I have heard of that...I think I've been seeing it on my IG feed lately and there was a contest I remember about winning a year supply of soap and I meant to enter but spaced it..." and she's all, "Yeah that's us! Its been just about 6 weeks since we started!" So, naturally, I dig out my phone and immediately start scrolling through my feed to confirm what I already figured out and sure enough, the owner of Tubby Todd was the same girl at church. I immediately told her I wanted to try her soap and within the week I had my hands on a bottle and couldn't wait to lather up my babe. 
Bath time came around and I popped the top off that bottle, peeled back the lining, took one smell of that soap, looked at Bodie and blurted out, "WOAH." He asked what was wrong. Without words I walked over to him and demanded he inhale. You guys, I am being dramatic, I know. But if you love the smell of essential oils like I do...if you love adding oils to you and your kiddos baths then you NEED this soap. You know how you are suppose to use a carrier oil with the oils before you add it to their bath? Well no more mixing up before adding, it's already done. Safe for their little bodies right out of the bottle. See, when I was in labor with Dollie I made sure my hospital room was infused with oils. I love how relaxing they are. I can't tell you how many times I have had a pot of boiling water with oils steaming through our hotel room. I love them. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I smelled that soap. It's a really strong smell out of the bottle, which makes me do a few inhales myself each time I step into the shower. I read that this soap goes a long way so only a little amount is needed, and also that it lathers really well. I am here to confirm both of those points. I didn't have a sponge or cloth on hand the first time I used it on Dollie so I just poured a small amount into my hands and lathered her up. WOW. It definitely goes a long way! And over the past couple weeks of using it I have drizzled some in her bath water for bubbles and wow again! Bubbles for days! As for the lather, it is very very noticeable how much better this lather is than J&J and Honest. Which means our bottle lasts longer which saves us money. (Fun fact: Tubby Todd's bottle is 1.5 oz more than Honest) So you'll just have to see for yourself. I'll be a returning customer for sure. I am getting more from Andrea before we leave, both for us and for Christmas Presents. I am also putting in a request that they make a lotion for me to use! Err..I mean for me to use on Dollie! Just can't get over that smell...or the lather. 

I guess I left out the very best part about it! Its 100% natural, contains plant based fragrances and ingredients, and contains NO toxins, gluten, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or colors. Plus it's said to be the perfect wash for the little ones with eczema (aka eczema be gone!)  I know Andrea and her husband have worked very hard over the last year to get this product perfect, and how passionate they are about it being the best for our little ones. Because don't our little ones deserve the best? Especially when it comes to what we are cleaning their little bodies with? Job well done guys- Tubby Todd is legit. I love it. You will love it. Go grab a bottle on, or grab two and get free shipping! Also make sure to follow Tubby Todd on Instagram because they are always having having discount deals, tips and lots more! 

And Dollie just woke up and is covered in chlorine from our pool time earlier so we are gonna go get tubby with our new fav soap! 

Happy Saturday!
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