November 5, 2014


Mornings and evenings are getting chilly here! And by chilly I mean 60's. We are gearing up for Utah winter the best we can! I can't tell you how many times this past week Bodie and I have told each other how cold it's getting only to look at the temp and see 60's/low 70's. We are in for such a treat, haha! Seriously though, 3 more weeks and we are leaving this sunny city. Can't hardly believe it! If the plane tickets weren't booked and sitting in my inbox I probably really wouldn't believe it. 

We got these absolutely amazing moccs last week from one of my new favorite handmade shops, Ulla+Viggo who is based out of Canada. Funny story, I am usually the one running to Bodie showing him the latest clothes/shoes/headband/etc...getting his approval for purchase. This time, though, these moccs were all him. He was surfing through my IG feed and immediately said, "Katie, we need to get these for Dollie." So he ended up messaging Pia, the shop owner, requesting a pair. It ended up that it was the one and only pair of it's kind, and happened to be the perfect size! Lucky us! They are made of the softest woven fabric and fit Dollie's feet so well. They just kind of mold around her little foot and are so cute with the red leather lace that ties nice and snug. Pia makes all kinds of designs. Go check her out on Etsy,'ll die! Plus it's almost Christmas and you know you want to snag a cute pair for your little! They are a fabulous price point!  You can also follow on instagram @ullaviggo. You're welcome!!!

Outfit Details:
Crocheted Headband: West Threads (IG + Etsy)
Juice Tee: Indie Nook (IG + Website)
Knitted Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Love Sick Threads (IG + Etsy) 
Moccs: Ulla + Viggo (IG + Etsy) 

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