January 5, 2015


Most everyone already knows via facebook, instagram, and in person, but how could I not blog about it? We are so dang excited to bring another little one into this world! I found out that I was pregnant the exact same day that we found out we were transferring to Utah. Best.Day.Ever. Seriously, two of the things we have wanted the very most lately. 
Anyway, I had my first appt with a midwife in SLC and confirmed that I was 12 weeks. Score! Now I am almost 16 weeks and kind of can't believe that nearly 4 months has already gone by. I will say that this time I have actually been nauseous in the mornings (which I never ever was with Dollie), and also more tired so who knows...maybe a little guy is cooking in there! 
We still aren't 100% on if we are going to find out the gender or not. We didn't with Dollie and it was so awesome. We loved it and never regretted not knowing before hand. I honestly think we got more necessary things at the showers like diapers for 6 months, wipes for a year, and lotion/wash to last probably 3 years. Seriously. Also it was pretty motivating during labor to keep on pushing and giving it my all knowing our little surprise would be revealed at the end! Still, we are considering finding out. To be honest, I just have some darling little things of Dollie's that I either want to hang on to if we are having another girl or give away if we aren't. Aaaandd there may or may not be some killer boy items that I have my eye on that I probably need to start getting if we are having a boy. 
Bodie's attitude about having a boy has completely changed this time around. Last time he was 100% sure we were having a boy and really didn't even care to discuss girl names. (Luckily we did). This time all we really talk about is girl names. He does of course still want to get his boy, but we both truly are so excited for either. I do kind of lean more toward Dollie having a sister first, just knowing how fun it was for me to have a sister so close in age. This second baby will be almost exactly 2 years apart from Dollie, within a couple weeks. In the end we are just really grateful to be having another one. They truly are a gift of God; a slice of Heaven. I am just trying to wrap my head around how I can possibly love another as much as I love Dollie. But I also didn't think I could love more than I loved Bodie and boy were my eyes and heart opened the day Dollie arrived, and every day since. 
So here's to baby Wilson #2!
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