March 16, 2015


It's been two months since my last post! So much has happened in our lives. We officially ended our 14 month long hotel-living adventures in mid-Feb. Living in a hotel in San Diego was amazing and I would do it again in a heart beat. Living in a hotel in Utah? In the Winter? In an industrial park by the SLC airport? Not so much. We were ready to be done and timing couldn't have been more perfect. Our house finally sold in Spokane so we left the hotel and went straight there to pack up our house and move to back to Utah- where we are originally from. Leaving Spokane was bitter sweet to the max. We have been married nearly 8 years, and 6 of those years were spent in Spokane. We bought our first home there, had our first child there, and made some of the most incredible friends. It was hard to drive away from that city. I am not sure when we will be back to visit, but it will be a wonderful reunion when we do! Of course the sweet part was that we were leaving to go home where 99% of both of our entire families live. It was Dollie's first long road trip; 15hrs-ish. Bodie drove a moving truck pulling my car behind it, and I drove our truck with Dollie. It really wasn't too bad and Dollie only had a couple meltdowns.  
We arrived to our new (temporary) home in Alpine a couple weeks ago. We are renting a cute little apartment from the coolest family that we met through mutual Spokane friends. It's kind of ridiculously perfect for our situation right now. We can't wait to buy a home here, but there's a lot up in the air right now with Bodie's job and deciding where exactly we want to settle. For now, we are very comfortable and happy with everything.

I will say that after all the packing, driving, un-packing, and organizing, plus some other stressful events that have taken place during the middle of it all, these last few weeks have been a little exhausting. I am leaving a lot of details out. But I don't think there has been a time in our 8 years of marriage that life has been so up in the air with so many really important things unknown. I am so thankful that Bodie and I are basically always on the same page with things and really value each others opinions and ideas. Beyond that, I am so incredible grateful for my Savior who is always with us, and knows exactly what we need, both individually and as a family. Let's just say there have been some pretty incredible blessings happening in our lives lately that have truly left us speechless. The type where you aren't even sure if they're for real. Anyway, we are so happy for change, and whatever life has in store for us in this next phase of life.
Bodie is mostly working a ton with a new electrical company. His work ethic and determination seriously blows my mind. Dollie is 21 months old and right around the corner from beginning potty training. She also is sleeping in her own room, in a crib, for the first time in her life and it's glorious. She sleeps so well, nearly 12 hrs every night. She is my best friend and I love hanging out with her all day every day. I am nearly 25 weeks now...that's over 6 months people!!! Crazy!!! I feel super great and am looking forward to seeing a new midwife from here on out. I obviously haven't been blogging nor have I even turned my camera on for over a month. Bodie got me a new lens for Valentines Day and I just barely took it out this week to practice and learn all its features. I snapped some photos of Dollie and Bodie today after church at the park across the street. I sure do love them!
I am looking forward to blogging more and also doing more photography now that we are settled and living a normal life again. Guys, I am cooking and loving it! Also, after living in a hotel for so long it did something to me and now I am kind of a maniac when it comes to cleaning/laundry/bed making, etc...I actually love it all and enjoy doing it! Not sure how long this will last but yeah, its kinda crazy! Hope you all are well and enjoying all that Sping has to offer. We are loving every second of the warmer weather, and just settling in nicely to this beautiful state that we now can call home again!

Dollie's Outfit Details:
Bow: The Printed Palette (IG: @theprintedpalette + Website)
Faux Fur Floral Dress: OC Kids Closet (IG: @ockidscloset)
Tights: H&M
Gold Slip On's: Old Navy
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