June 7, 2015

A Tiny Doll Turns TWO

We celebrated Dollie's 2nd Birthday this past Saturday (one week early) and it was so much fun! Seeing her eyes light up when she saw all the balloons, cookies, and cake was priceless. Then once her grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends started arriving it was even more fun. Of course opening presents was super great, not to mention funny. I had ordered her the cutest little vintage kitchen set but it ended up being back ordered and wasn't going to arrive in time, so I was scrambling to grab some random little gifts for her party and one of the things we got her were little dress up Elsa high heel shoes. Seriously, the cheapest gift. And she literally has been wearing them non stop. She wore them for the remainder of her party, and ever since basically. So funny! (Oh and the kitchen set actually arrive during the party! Score!) She was definitely spoiled and I just kept wondering where in the world we were going to put all her new things. I still hadn't put away any of my baby shower gifts from the week before! But back to the party...It meant so much to me that people came to celebrate my little Doll's birthday. I love that it's all about her and that they came specifically for her. Makes my heart so happy!  It was a beautiful day and we were able to relax outside. Up until the party started, however, it was a little crazy setting up. I always get these grand ideas for decor and such and then when it comes right down to it I get so stressed! The fact that I am due in less than 4 weeks didn't help. Let's just say my feet and ankles were HUGE by the end of day. First time they've been swollen this pregnancy. (with Dollie I was swollen for like 3 months up until delivery!) And they are still swollen and huge nearly two days later...super awesome! Luckily I had a lot help setting up which made it lots better otherwise I am sure I probably would have had a meltdown. We were invited to go watch a Bee's baseball game later that evening with Bodie's sister and brother in law, so we headed there a couple hours after the party. It ended up pouring rain and the game never even started, dang it! Still fun, but freezing and I was so exhausted. I was able to get a nice little foot rub before bed which was heavenly! Anyway, it was a great day and I am loving all the leftover deliciousness! Most importantly Dollie has been loving all her new toys. Yay for birthdays! 
Continue scrolling for all the birthday pics! Oh an once again, I didn't get photos of all the guests who came, nor a family photo with the 3 of us. Once that party started I pretty much sat in a chair and didn't get up! Except for present and cake pictures. I was pooped! 

Romper: Old Navy
Sandals: Saltwater
Bow: Jella Bee

Most of the decor: Zurchers Party Store
Delicious Homemade Oreo recipe: HERE
Delicious Fruit Dip (not pictured) recipe: HERE
Cake: Costco
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