June 30, 2015

Little Doll

I realized the other day that it's been some time since Dollie and I had a little photo shoot. I was itching for some camera time! I just really love taking photos of her and getting to know my camera and lenses better. I am happy to add photography to my list of hobbies which also include...being a Mom? I really don't have any hobbies! I just love blogging and photography. That's my fun time. That's my own personal enjoyment. It's great because it still involves Dollie, as you can tell! And it will also involve our new little one- due to arrive any day now! Which brings me to this post. I have really been feeling more emotional about this little guy arriving. I am so so excited and ready to meet him. But I also am trying to cherish every last minute I have with Dollie as my only one. We are so so close and I am kind of having a hard time with the fact that it just can't be the exact same when I have another one. I am nervous about it and I don't want Dollie to feel like she is now second. I want to keep as much of the same routine as possible with her, specifically the special moments that we share like her bedtime routine reading books, singing songs, and rock-a-buying. She is my best friend. I  love her so so much and love spending all my time with her. 

I have been expecting baby boy to arrive any day for the past 10 days. I was checked by my midwife at 38 weeks and was a 4 and 90%. Here I am 2 days prior to my due date and still no babe! I try not to get caught up on the numbers but come on! A 4 and 90%!? I am ready to have this baby! And I think Dollie gets it and is pretty excited too. And yes, of course Bodie cannot wait to meet his son! Anyway, as those of you in UT know, its like 95-100 degrees here every day so we usually will leave and do something early morning and late evening, but during the day we kind of stay inside and keep ourselves entertained. My swollen feet + heat = bad news. So today I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot since it will probably be the last one for a while as I adjust to being a Mom of two. As the 4th of July is in just a few days I thought it would be fun to do a little patriotic outfit. Also we snagged some of her most fav things to play with at this stage in her life. She carries around her little wooden animals- specifically rhino, tiger, and lizard- everywhere. She wants to sleep with them, eat with them, ride in the car with them, and take them into any store we go to. She's obsessed. Obviously Rupert is still very loved, and her "Lella shoes" aka Cinderalla shoes, are a treasured accessory that are worn daily. We live in the basement apartment of a beautiful home and the upstairs happens to have superb lighting due to a ridiculous amount of windows (love) and luckily the family we rent from is freaking awesome and lets me use their home/lighting for great photos! I am going to try my hand at some newborn photos of our little guy so today was the perfect chance to practice using some natural light.

I took over 100 photos today and somehow narrowed it down to 25, which I still feel like it a lot for a blog post! But I love each one of them and couldn't delete any more. I am kind of obsessed with our session today! I think I snapped some pretty great ones! Now on to the photos!

{Outfit Details posted at the bottom of photos with direct links}

Outfit Details: 
Bows: Free Babes also on IG 
Tee: Kindred Oak also on IG
Shorts: Susies Custom also on IG

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