July 9, 2015

Dash's Birth Story

I prepared for Dash's birth using the same hypnobirthing methods that I used with Dollie. It helped me achieve the natural birth that I had with her and wanted to have again. Although I didn't prepare as much for my second birth as I did with my first, I did re-read the book and listened to the cd's a little bit.
For the very short, sweet version of his birth feel free to scroll down to the bottom for a quick timeline of events. Otherwise, read on! It's a good one! 

So the weeks leading up to my due date- July 2nd.
36 weeks 1.5 + 50%
37 weeks 1.5 + 80% 
38 weeks 4 + 90%
39 weeks 4 + 90% 
I always tell myself to not let the numbers get to my head, but at 4+90% at 38 weeks I was sure Dash would arrive any time. I was ready and excited and really trying to be patient. 

On Wed July 1st I woke up to a very mild contraction at 4:47am. Not actually sure that it was one, I checked the clock. I had another one 10min later, and another 10min after that. Bodie leaves for work at 5:30am and my this time I had had 3 so I told him to just stay home. I knew we would be having a baby that day. I got ready, finished packing hospital bags, and we waited for Bodies parents to arrive. I was so happy that everyone was able to sleep through the night before traveling (Bodies parents as well as our birth photographer had to drive 1.5-2hrs) and also super happy that we were able to be there when Dollie woke up and tell her goodbye before we left. 

I called my midwife at 8am to let her know we were on our way and it was kind of weird. I almost couldn't get the words out. I choked up and somehow told her we were coming and she said she was already there so come on in. I then asked Bodie for a priesthood blessing so we stepped into our bedroom and I kind of broke down and told him I had no idea what was wrong with me and asked for a couple specific things with the blessing. I told Bodie I thought I was just a little scared and making that phone call just meant it was real and about to happen. I think part of me was scared for the pain, and part of me was scared because of leaving Dollie and our lives changing and just seeing her again with another baby in my arms. Just weird, random emotions. 

I sucked it up and we headed to the hospital at 8:15 am and it was a quick 10 min drive. We met our photographer, Tara (cutest ever), and headed into the hospital. I was greeted by my midwife, Josi, and we went to triage. They had me undress and change into a gown and lay down to get checked and get the babies heart tones and such. Their computer wasn't working so they had to bring in a new one and it kind of took forever. In the meantime as I laid there the contractions were getting pretty strong and I was getting annoyed. I was breathing through them well, but was getting irritated by the whole computer thing and all the questions the nurse had to ask. I gave Josi my birth plan and we went over it. It was pretty short and sweet so didn't take long. Josi still hadn't checked me and I was getting anxious. Then all the sudden a thought popped into my mind. "I don't think I want to feel the pain. It's starting to hurt and I am frustrated and I know what to expect to come and yeah...maybe I'll just get an epidural this time." Dang it! I never even thought about it with Dollie and now here I am I triage already considering it. I told Bodie I was having some weird thoughts and then shared that with him. He didn't really say anything. Then my midwife asked me if I felt better when I had arrived before I was laying down and I told her I was so she recommended that I get up and off that bed after she checked me. Finally she had checked me and I was a 6+ 90%. Then she said "Congratulations you have earned a spot to be admitted." I laughed inside because there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be admitted. I got up and was sweating so she fanned me. Instantly felt so much better and epidural thoughts disappeared. 

I walked down the hall and back while waiting for my room to be ready, and had to stand still and really breath during contractions. Bodie had grabbed my Breathe essential oil to help with calmness and relaxation. My room was ready in 5 min and we went in. They put in a saline lock and I went straight for the jetted tub. That thing is pure heaven I tell ya. I am not sure I could make it through labor without one. I relaxed in the water with the jets going, along with a few drops of lavender, clary sage, a breathe, as well as my relaxation music. I stayed there for probably 45 min and really started to sweat. I then asked my midwife about some recommendations on positions to help ease pain. I was really wanting to try new things this time around because with Dollie I just laid in bed for 4 hrs and labored and it was long and I think  made me focus more on the pain. Anyway I've never been a lover of baths or hot tubs just because I get so hot and sweaty so easy. I decided to get out of the tub and try some of the positions she talked about. I was still breathing through contractions just fine, I was just ready for a new scene. Little did I know that getting out of the tub meant more than I thought.
The next few minutes were kind of a whirlwind. I stood outside of the tub and Bodie was there to help me dry off and change back into my gown. They had shut the door to give us some privacy. I told Bodie to hold on so I could breathe through a contraction. They were lasting 30-45 seconds. Except this one. It kept going and going..1 min+  so finally I sat down on a chair and felt my water slowly break. I mumbled to Bodie that it broke and still sat there waiting for the contraction to stop. All of the sudden the contraction got 10x more painful and I remembered some hypnobirthing moms saying that deep humming helped so I tried it. I can't really say it helped or not, and honestly it felt kind of silly doing it. Anyway, after about 10 seconds I told Bodie, "Get her." He opened the door and said to Josi, "She said to get you.". At that moment I just felt like I needed to push so I did and by then Josi had ran in by my side and asked me if I wanted to stay there or get in the bed. I said stay. She then asked me if I could kneel down on the floor with my arms on the edge of the tub and I said yes (knowing I couldn't really push out a baby sitting on a chair) so I knelt down on a pillow a nurse had placed and just kept pushing. It was nice holding onto the tub in that position so I could really hold on and  push. I heard Josi and the nurse telling Bodie to come in and sit on the chair and then I heard her tell him to come see the head. I pushed way hard knowing exactly what it would take for the baby to come out and I was not about to push for 1.5 hrs like I did with Dollie. Next thing you know babies head is out, then the body, and they quickly cut his cord and whisked him away into the main part of the room. I just knelt there leaning on the tub, panting, and thanking God that it was so quick. Josi apologized that she wasn't able to delay the cord clamping as requested in my plan because he wasn't breathing very well.
They helped me up to walk to my bed and Bodie hugged me and kissed me and kept saying "Good job babe" with tears in his eyes. I walked to my bed and then a nurse came over and said "He's doing great, they cancelled the code." I was like, "What code?" I guess Dash was super purple and they had to give him some oxygen but after a few minutes he was fine. It seems like it took a solid 10 minutes before they brought him to me. In the meantime Josi told me I had a one-almost two- degree tear. She numbed me and started stitching me up- both of which hurt like crazy (which they didn't with Dollie-and I had a 3rd degree with her) and then they placed him on my chest and all was heavenly! We literally sat there for an hour and a half by ourselves...which was kind of weird I thought. After an hour I was like,"um...are we gonna go my room or are we waiting for something?" I loved being with him for that time but they just didn't say anything and completely left us alone so I was kind of confused. Also I knew Dollie was in the waiting room and I was anxious to see her and for her to see him.
They wheeled me to my room and we got settled. They wanted to take him to the nursery for his bath but I asked if they could just do it the room and they allowed it. That meant a lot to me because I wanted to watch and also for Tara to be able to photograph it. After what seemed like forever we were finally ready for Dollie. It was super sweet. The second she laid eyes on him she kept saying "Baby baby baby" nonstop. She hopped right up next to and gave him the sweetest little kisses. She was grinning from ear to ear. We took a bunch of family photos and I can't thank Tara enough. I can't wait to show you all the photos! I am so glad we hired her to do them. For the next 24 hours we just relaxed, visited with family, and got settled. Aren't those first hours just the best? A fresh baby against your skin...ahhh can't get enough! And I was feeling pretty dang good, too, physically. We later were told by the nurses and Josi, as well as Tara that Bodie was completely shocked when it all went down so fast. They said his eyes were HUGE! Haha. We were all definitely surprised, like really really surprised, but it sounded to me like Bodie was probably the very most!

We were discharged the next day- both Dash and I in great condition: him passing all the little tests they do and me having showered and even a little make-up on, walking out myself (night and difference with dollies birth). Recovery has also been completely different than with Dollie. So thankful for that!!! It was my biggest fear...or so I thought. Turns out my biggest fear came knocking on the door just a couple days later. I will be sharing a detailed story of the events that took place with Dash just days after his birth.

Everything everyone says about loving your second as much as your first is completely true.
It's something incredible when that baby comes out of your body and into your arms, skin to skin. Their scent. Makes me weak in the knees, gives me butterflies. It's something incredible when you begin to nurse them- the bond that takes place. It's something incredible the demeanor in your husband when he holds his child for the first time. It's something incredible to see your daughter look at her brother and softly touch his skin for the first time as she gives him a sweet kiss on his forehead. It's something incredible to be a Mother, and the gift our Father in Heaven gives us-His child for us to take care of on this Earth. That instant connection...there are no words.

Dash is incredible.
Our hearts are bursting at the seams with an intense love for our children.
We are so happy he is here.

Dash Bodie Wilson
7lbs 11oz 18.5" 

And just for fun- A little timeline to recap the events: 
4:47am: first contraction 
8:57am: admitted into hospital
10:19 out of tub
10:25 called for help
10:27 Delivery 
Getting to the hospital and delivering a short 1.5 hours later....BEST EVER.
I cannot wait to show you more pictures from our Birth Story. Until then, here are some sneak peeks!

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