December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

Another year has come and gone. Crazy. It's a good thing last year went by so slow and so perfect because this year has gone by so quick and quite uncomfortable, really. 2014, spent living in San Diego without a care in the world, prepared me for what 2015 had in store.

I can honestly say that this year has been the hardest of my 28 years of life. I almost didn't even do this post because it's always bothered me in the past when people do nothing but complain about what a tough year they had. That was until it happened to me. But through the tough experiences I have been able to take away quite a few positives and have definitely learned a lot.

My hard year began with my sister, Heather, passing away in Dec of 2014. Technically last year, but whatever. It's been tough. It's actually gotten harder as time has gone on. I'm still confused by her being gone. I still am not sure if I have completely come to terms with it. I will say, though, that I have learned to have a lot more love, patience, and compassion for people. I have also grown a lot closer to my other sisters and that's been wonderful. 

At the beginning of the year we had left San Diego and transferred to Salt Lake City- still hotel living- through February. At that time our home in Spokane sold and we flew back to pack up and move all of our things back to Utah to officially reside. Bodie was laid off, had to find another job, took a pay cut, and we had to quickly find a place to live. That was all a bit stressful. Dollie was just 20 months old, and I was 6 months pregnant. Luckily Bodie got a job very quickly, and then a better job shortly after that, and we found the perfect place to rent. The best part was that we were able to be home. Back to the state that we love and missed for 6 years. The state that holds all of the people in both of our families, including wonderful friends.

The next few months were pretty uneventful. It mostly consisted of us getting use to living in a normal home again. We had lived in a hotel for nearly 15 straight months so getting back to reality and more responsibility was...different, and good, and hard. One of the best things that happened was Dollie being potty trained at 22 months old in April. Still so thankful we made that happen. What a relief! In June we celebrated 8 years of marriage, Bodie turning 31, and Dollie turning 2. We patiently awaited the day that we would meet the sweet baby boy who was growing in my belly. 

And then we met him, Dash Bodie Wilson, on July 1st. One day before my due date. And he was perfect in every way. (Read about his birth story HERE) We took him home and snuggled him lots, and then we a nightmare suddenly became our reality. At just 3 days old we were told by doctors that Dash had a completely crazy and unexpected medical condition that he most likely would not survive. Most likely as in a 95% chance of death. (You can read more about that HERE and HERE) But then a complete miracle took place and he didn't die. He lived. He lives. And for 5 weeks he stayed in the hospital following two surgeries. Then he got better and he came home and we were thrilled and we snuggled him lots. And then a week passed and it happened all over again and he had to go back and have a 3rd surgery; a very risky, could be fatal surgery. It went very well and he stayed another couple of weeks in the pediatric unit. Finally, at 2 months old, he came home for good and has been growing and thriving and causing much happiness and joy in our home ever since. He will be 6 mo tomorrow- on Jan 1st. We are obsessed with him. This was definitely the hardest part of the year and we have grown tremendously because of it. Spiritually, mostly. And in our relationship as a couple, as well as our relationships with our children, and with our Savior, and well, it kind of just changed us in a lot of different ways. 

The months following Dash's birth have been a bit of a blur. Everything was so crazy and busy. Going back and forth to the hospital one to two times a day, while still doing our best at giving Dollie all the attention and love that we could provide. We have been spending loads of time with our families. The recent holidays were wonderful. Bodie has been working a lot. I have been a stay at home mom to two littles and I love it. I also have been working on some other business plans/ideas that excite me. We really love where we live. It's right up against the stunning Utah mountains. I cannot enough of this beautiful state. We definitely took it for granted before we moved away for 6 years. We want to buy a home again someday soon...(hospital + surgeries doesn't come cheap!) but love where we are renting right now. It's perfect. We love our neighbors. We'll probably be here a while. We do hope to someday call St George home. Dollie is growing so much. You wouldn't believe how smart and old she is getting! She says the absolute funniest things and just talks so well. We are always in awe and laughter over her. She brings so much joy to each of us. Dash is just mesmerized by her every move. 

Besides the things I've mentioned here, there are other more personal things I've dealt with this year that involve other people in my family. Hard things. Things that make me feel frustrated and helpless. Things that are incredibly unfair. Things that are completely out of my control no matter how bad I want to help. But I have learned to just rely on the Lord. I have learned that I can't fix everything. I can't even come close. But what I can do is have faith and pray a lot. That's what saved Dash, and so that's what I do even more fervently now that I have witnessed the true power of prayer. 

That basically wraps up our year. What a freaking year it's been. In the end we have two beautiful, healthy children, loving family surrounding us across the state, a great place to live, income to support our needs, and a stronger testimony of faith, prayer, and our Redeemer. Dash is alive. After going through a most dark and dreadful time, a real miracle took place and that is the absolute best thing that happened to us this year. 

The good outweighs the bad by a long shot. I am looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us. I wanted to share some favorite photos from this year because whats a blog post without photos?

Happy New Year, everyone! 

And there's many, many more favorites that were erased from my phone, but thankfully are still on my instagram feed! I love my babies and my husband so very much! 

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