January 1, 2016

Baby Dash is 6 months old!

Not only is today New Years, but it's Dash's half birthday! 
We have been so excited about it all day. It might as well be his 1st birthday. He has been home with us now for 4 glorious months. He is so so so sweet! We thought Dollie was a very easy going baby, but he totally trumps her! He cries actual tears maybe a few times a week, but mostly he just starts to fuss when he needs something. He is a super chill baby. I worried that he might be an easily irritable baby due to the time he spent in the hospital with tubes constantly down his throat and nose along with IV's in all different parts of his tiny body. But he isn't! He just is making life pretty darn easy for us which is fine with me because the first two months were the busiest, craziest, most stressful of our lives! 

His pediatrician gave us the go ahead to feed him 2 months ago, but we have just been super nervous about it so have held off...until today! His little intestines have just been through so much. Like, 3 times they were spread out on a operating table and then stuffed back in, with the 3rd time actually being operated on with cutting and heat to separate and suture into other places. So, we started with prunes today. A food that we KNOW would go through him without a problem. He LOVED it! Bodie couldn't get another spoonful up to his mouth fast enough. And, sure enough, 30 min later he had a very nice bowel movement. Haha! So we are way way excited to be giving him new things to eat. We hope he gets nice and chubby! 
He is such a happy boy. He still wakes throughout the night every 2-3 hours (I blame this on him being in the NICU and having vitals checked so often) and so I am tired a lot. But I am getting use to it. I would love to sleep train him, but we just can't bring ourselves to letting him cry and cry. We went 2 months without having him home at night and now we do so we are very grateful, even if we are exhausted! Luckily, Dollie is a great sleeper...in our bed. Haha! Craziness. Dash just loves to play with his toys, watch and try to interact with Dollie, snuggle up to his Mama, and his face just lights up the room when his Dad comes in from work every day. I am so excited to see his little personality continue to grow as he gets older. 

We love our little miracle, Dash! 
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