April 24, 2016

Bridges + Trails

We took such a nice Sunday stroll around the neighborhood that eventually led to the river, the trails, and crossing like 4 different bridges. Dollie was in heaven. Dash just relaxed in the stroller. Dollie is at such a fun age where she loves to explore and ask "why" all the time. We've loved teaching her new things. It's pretty neat how easily they learn and pick up on things. Things that would be so easy to give some effortless response that you think a (almost) 3 yr would understand better than the real answer. For example, she pointed to a fire hydrant the other day and asked what it was. I almost just said something like, "Oh its just to help with fires" and left it at that, but instead I went on to explain how they work and what the firefighters do. Ever since, whenever she sees one, she says, "Look Mom! Fire hydrant! There's water in it and they help fire so kids don't get hurt..." or some variation of that. And also there's the ones that Daddy taught her, "Fire hydrant! Dogs pee on it." So there's that. Also, she's been obsessed with the colors on on the stop lights, always telling us while w're driving, "It's red Mom! Stop!" Or, "Okay green! Go!" and, "Mom yellow slowwwww..." Every stop sign she says, "Stop sign! Look both ways!"  She is just this little person who is learning all day every day and I am doing my best at being patient and genuinely answering the questions she asks. She sure lights up our world! Both her and Dash do. I don't remember life without kids and that's okay with me. Parenthood rocks!
^^She was about to pick those little white flowers for me but then her father told her there was a raccoon in the bushes (there wasn't) and she immediately left the area. 
^^Little teeth! 
^^My birthday was last month and they got me flowers so now every time Dollie picks me flowers she says, "Happy Birthday, Mom! Flowers for you!" I love it so much. 
^^She would not ride her bike through the water under any circumstance. Silly girl 
^^She thought that was pretty dang cool
^^Voluntary kiss for baby brother mid-walk
^^She was getting down the hills pretty quick on her bike and almost wrecked but held her own
^^No time for mom to take pictures. Carry on

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