April 20, 2016


Springtime! It's the best. I love seeing the bright, cheerful colors of spring gradually overcome the dull dreary color of winter. Dollie is constantly saying, "Let's get out of the house, Mom!" And the second we step foot outside she exclaims, "It's warm, Mom! It's sunny, Mom!" Yes darling, it most certainly is. (Although Utah has definitely been teasing us with some cold rainy days) We are singing lots of "Popcorn Popping" these days and also seeing how many colorful blooms we can spot during our walks. Perhaps the most exciting thing has been snail searching. It's a favorite past time of ours and where we live does not disappoint! We've only found a couple so far, but you better believe we are always searching. It's been so much fun playing with Dash outside, too. Even though he was born in July, he spent 2 months in the NICU/Peds and then we were given pretty strict instructions to stay home all winter and not go anywhere or be around anyone. So we did basically that. Plus, I wasn't about to meander outside with Dollie and a baby in the freezing cold wintery Utah temps. I kind of hate winter. Not to be a downer! But, I do. I didn't really care for it before we lived in San Diego, but since then? Well, let's just say me and winter don't get along. It could also be that we live in a basement apartment. Anyway, spring is here and it's lovely. It makes for one happy mama, and two happy babies! 
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