June 16, 2016

A Little Lady Shop Review + Giveaway

A Little Lady Shop was one of the very first shops I found and fell in love with in the handmade online/Instagram community. This was back when Dollie was born, nearly 3 years ago. You can see why we love them just by clicking through their photos. We have had more of their bows that I can remember, and each one has been with made with superior quality and love.  We love simple, and they are so good at that. They surely have a something to fit everyone's style. We started out with their headbands and have now really been liking their bow clips as Dollie hair has grown. The grip on the back that's made to help the bows stay in place definitely does just that! They are always creating new pieces and designs to keep up with the trends, while still carrying their basics that always stay in style. We love our Little Lady bows and hope you can find some to love, too! 

Giving away: $25 gift card
Details on how to enter: On my instagram! @dashofdollie
*Make sure to follow both me, and A Little Lady Shop on instagram!

Website: alittleladyshop.com
Instagram: @alittleladyshop

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