June 1, 2016

Almost One & Three

Welcome June! 
We LOVE the month of June. So many fun celebrations are to be had including our (9th!) marriage anniversary, Dollie's birthday, Bodie's birthday, Fathers Day, and almost Dash's birthday (July 1st). I am quickly realizing, however, that while having my kids barely over 2 years apart is super fun, it also means that both of them get older at the same time. It's gonna be a little rough on my heart for a few years. Dollie will be three in 2 weeks, and Dash will be one just 2 weeks after that. They are growing super fast! Time is rushing by, especially this past year. Looking forward to birthday parties, but also kind of sad about it! Below are a bunch of pictures I snapped of the kids at the playground this past Memorial Day. Captured a bunch of Dash, and a few of Dollie. She is a busy, busy girl! 
^^ This park was so much fun, but also gave me a little anxiety. 
So big with lots of little hiding places...easy to lose the kiddos!
^^ I love this one! Swinging is very serious business 
^^He bear crawls everyone except in our home. Its hilarious!
^^ Wood chip bum + bear crawl 

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