June 14, 2016

Gathre Review + Giveaway


When we first became familiar with Gathre, it was actually before they re-branded and were still Let's Playground, during their Kickstarter. The second I learned about their product I knew it was genius and knew we had to have one. We eventually purchased a maxi mat that I knew would be used over and over with our soon to be two kids. We snagged one of the Love, Taza designs. I was absolutely in love with the darling picnic look to it. Since having our mat I have been more than pleased. It usually stays in the car while we travel and run around town. When it's not in the car it's tucked away by the couch and gets taken out to play on often. During the winter we had many indoor picnics on it, fake and real. We carved pumpkins on it during Halloween, and have stacked blocks on it numerous times. It goes with us to every park and family outing. It will go to the beach with us this next week. The convenience of wiping it down is my favorite part, but it's ability to be folded up nice and neat and tucked away into my diaper bag is a close second. It's just too easy and perfect! They have various sizes: maxi, midi, mini, and micro. We look forward to adding more Gathre pieces to our collection and hope you love yours! 

Giving away: Micro Mat 

Details on how to enter: on my Instagram @dashofdollie. 
Make sure to follow Gathre on Instagram for a chance to win!

Website: Gathre.com
Instagram: @gathre 
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