July 30, 2016

California Vacation

Over a month late, but I finally put together all of my DSLR and iPhone photos from our California Vacation in Carlsbad! Reliving every moment in these photos sure was great. Can't wait to go back! 
^^Dash's first time at the beach! 
^^Also Emily's first time at the beach!
^^Asleep in the wagon...beach life is tiring! 
^^Uncle Luke! 
Bodie turned 32 while there...Cold Stone birthday cake for the win!
^^Sunsets are my jam! 
^^ Aunt B and Uncle Luke, Bodie and Emily + kids 
^^Celebrated Fathers Day while there. Made Bodie the sweetest Chatbooks full of memories of him and the kids. 

^^The Hinkins Family joined us and we had a blast with them! 
Post- beach work out! So hot! A dip in the beach afterwards was so fun and refreshing!

Chasing those birds like it was her job
^^Visiting the San Diego LDS Temple 
^^My sis and I spent hours catching sea shells at the beach and the waves beat up our legs! 
^^Old Town San Diego..always a favorite! So happy the Stoddards joined us! 
^^Oceanside Pier...magical! 
^^Fishermen on the Pier were catching these right and left! We were kind of sad for them!

^^Sea World 
^^Sitting on the balcony every morning breathing in the fresh air + beach breeze 
^^We couldn't leave without a visit to the hotel we lived at for 2 years! Sure was nice seeing our dear friends! 
^^Angels Game!
^^He was a little sick of pictures toward the end of the trip
^^Stunner sis!
^^Buying her own cotton candy 
^^Firework amazement 
Last day on the beach before heading out 
^^Always lining up any little thing..in the case, feathers! 
Our beach house was the best! We had such a great time. I could have never left. San Diego holds a piece of my heart for sure. I have missed it terribly every day since we left and it was such a great week going back. Spending it with some of our best friends and close family made it even sweeter! Love making memories with the people I love! 

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