October 26, 2016

Little Red + the Big Bad Wolf

Halloween 2016
Any parent will tell you that having kids makes holidays a million times better. They aren't lying. My kids are still little and don't mind me picking out their costumes and I am loving it. We did give Dollie some options and she originally chose to be a rabbit with Dash as a carrot, but I didn't find any luck with a cute carrot costume for him and we all know I cant craft or sew. This was the next idea and it worked out perfectly! I had so much fun capturing their fun. Dash is at the almost impossible age of capturing a good photo, but it worked out pretty well. 
This was the first year Dash was able to trick or treat on his own and boy was it fun! Dollie had no problem teaching him the ropes. It was a wonderful night to be had! 
Hope all of your dress up + sugar dreams came true! 
Happy Halloween! 
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