November 7, 2016

Moving, again!

More words than photos in this post, guys! 9.5 years of marriage, 3 different states, and this will be our 9th move. If we weren't going to be renting I would say it would be our last move (for a while) but we want to buy/build soon-ish so it won't be. 

With the exception of some really amazing friends in Spokane, and some really amazing weather in San Diego, where we are now has been our favorite. There is just something special about Alpine. It's such a gem. The small town tucked away in the corner of gorgeous Utah mountains, the neighborhoods, our church ward, the kind, caring, generous's just been the best. I would live here forever. Never have we been in a ward where people were so thoughtful, genuine, and giving. Not just a few, or a group, but, like, everyone. Coincidence that we ended up surrounded by these people during the hardest trial of our marriage? (Dash's medical troubles) No way. We were meant to be here with these amazing people who have become friends, and some more like family. 

I'll admit that I was nervous to come to Alpine because it was the first town we would live in being back in Utah after being in Washington for 6 years, and it seemed to have a reputation. Nearly everyone in Utah that we told about moving to Alpine gave us a look, and then some variation of, "Oh with all the rich people....the snobby people." This happened a lot! People have this weird thing about Alpine and it blows my mind. It's not what people think and that's why it's a hidden gem. I'm telling you- the most kind, friendly, loving, non-judgemental people I've ever been around. And I am so, so sad to leave. It's breaking my heart a little bit. Leaving the nursery at Church that Dollie loves so much, her little friends and her gymnastics group, our sweet neighbors, and family who lives near us. 
I think it's also because this place, these people, are directly tied to us for life as we press forward with our little Dash and whatever his future holds. Everything that has happened so far will never be forgotten and we will always tie it to Alpine and the people here. Our faith was tested and tried and a miracle occurred here. The only thing that's making this move easier on us is the location we are moving to. 

It's just so happens to be the place we've wanted to live our entire marriage. 
The warm, beautiful St George, UT. Red rocks galore. Super hot summer months, and pretty perfect weather the rest of year. Very minimal snow. Rare, in fact. My kind of place! And we are heading out in just over a week. Perfect timing if you ask me! Northern Utah snow is relentless and it's on it's way. So if we can't live in Alpine then St George is a great alternate. This does put us a lot further from immediate family, about 4 hours. But Bodie's sister and their new little baby live near St George so we will be seeing lots more of them and couldn't be more happy about that. We also both have a couple relatives, and a few good friends nearby, too.  We are moving because Bodie's company offered him a transfer to the office there. We couldn't turn it down. 

So I am learning to be at peace with being so far away from the nurses, doctors, and surgeons that we have grown so close with and have relied on greatly. I still have the NICU and Pediatrics unit programmed into my speed dial. Shooting a text to our favorite neonatologist, or our favorite surgeon is not uncommon. Knowing those doctors are 30 minutes away at UVRMC brings us immense peace. This really has been the biggest thing that I've had to overcome mentally in preparation to moving. There is no emergent pediatric specialist care at the hospitals in Southern Utah. So, say another "situation" occurs, we will find ourselves traveling to Vegas, or 4 hours to Provo. Well, I'm not going to any other doctors so a road trip to Provo it will be, I suppose. But I keep reminding myself to snap out of it, that Dash is fine, he's going to remain fine, and that I need to move forward with our lives. It is hard, though. The surgeons said that anytime in Dash's future, if he begins to vomit, we have to take it much more seriously than if it were us or Dollie. Especially if none of us are vomiting as well. A couple months ago Dash randomly started vomiting and we were on edge for 4 days because he was the only one and we couldn't think of anyone he had been around that was sick. He ended up being fine but we still never really knew why he was vomiting. Just last night he woke up screaming at 12:30am with vomit everywhere in his bed. I spent the next 5 hours with him as he continued to vomit/dry heave 15+ times. Bodie and I were on edge all night long, re tracking what he had eaten that day, who we were around, how long it had been since he pooped, etc. Just trying to make sense of it. Once again, none of us are sick (yet). No one that we were around this weekend was sick (that we know of). It's just really frustrating and scary and keeps us on edge. We worry for him. I'm sure it will take us a few days to feel at ease, and as crazy as it sounds I almost wish one of us would start vomiting so that I know it is in fact the flu bug and nothing to do with his intestines. If/when this happens in St George it won't be easy being so far away from his medical team, but we will make do and we will be fine.

It just makes me super emotional to leave all of it. 
Alpine, our tribe, the hospital and doctors, being lots closer to immediate's all very special and important to me. But, we ARE excited for the opportunity and can't wait to get settled. We move this coming weekend. We went there a couple weeks ago and found a place. Turns out Bodie served his LDS mission with the landlords son. We had no idea until we were at their beautiful home filling out applications and Bodie saw his picture on their wall. The sweet mother said she just had a feeling about us (via text? Haha!) and that we were the only ones she had called/text back. We immediately signed a lease agreement. Also, some good friends of ours found out where we are moving and said it's the same area they use to live in and they LOVED it. So, I know we are meant to be there and know we will find a new tribe of people we can call friends and family. I think it will be our home for years to come; the place we will raise our children, and I really am looking forward to this next chapter of our lives! Can't believe we are finally moving to our dream location. St. George, here we come!!!

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