January 11, 2017


We have been in St. George for two months now. I can hardly believe it! 
I wish I could say it's perfect and we instantly felt right at home, but it's been a bit difficult. However! We made/are making some minor/major adjustments and I just know life here is gonna be good! 
It's has been nothing but 40-60 degree weather with the occasional 20's, and we did have some snow last week that lasted one day. So basically it's been pretty great as far as weather goes! 

We are renting for the time being and we aren't in love with the place, but it's quite a bit bigger than our last place and the kids each have their own room, which we are all loving! The neighborhood is fine, and the LDS church ward we are attending is huge. Like, double the size of our last one. So instead of one nursery for the little 18mo-3yr olds, there are four. Yes, four. And instead of two counsellors in the women's relief society presidency there are three. And if you don't show up 30 min early you absolutely will not get a decent seat. So that alone has been quite an adjustment for us but we are, in fact, adjusting! 
Bodie's work is going well. He's been doing a bit more traveling just around all of Southern Utah, but usually never more than one or two overnights. He really hasn't spent much time working in St. George, but I am hopeful that that will change. He's taken on his new responsibilities with ease, just like I knew he would. 

As for me...well, I want to make this post as positive as possible but man, it's been hard for me here! Out of all the places we've lived in numerous states, this has hands down been the hardest. I miss Alpine so much. I miss our friends, our neighbors, our church, our life there...we were just pretty comfortable and really enjoyed the people and our routine. Normally I really love change and accept it happily so this has been weird for me. Not just me, though, I guess. Dollie, too. A couple weeks after being here she started clinging to Rupert like crazy (her stuffed animal bear), and she still does. She also started having these completely random and not at all like her fits and emotional meltdowns. Bodie has mentioned more than once that me and Dollie are already giving up on St. George, haha! We've been a little crazy, I guess!! But we are just taking it all day by day and it's going to be just fine. 

In fact, I wasn't going to start Dollie in preschool until the fall, but we now are going to start her at a Montessori 3 days a week starting in the next week or two. She'll also get to do a gymnastics class like she did in Alpine and I know she'll really love that. I have a new calling at our church. Remember before when I mentioned 3 counselors in the women's relief society? Well, I'm the new 3rd counselor! So I get to plan all the monthly activities for 200+ sisters in the ward, do at-home visits on a weekly basis, and also teach a lesson at church on Sunday every once in a while. I was asked to do this calling after we had only lived here 3 weeks and all I know is that it's more for me than anyone else. It's a huge blessing and something I definitely needed. Probably the most unexpected, but also most exciting thing for me is that for the first time in 3 1/2 years I am working again! I know what you're all thinking. I thought the same thing. Being a stay at home mom for the past few years has been work. The hardest job I've ever had! But I am talking about a job where you leave the house alone, and you are among other adults having adult conversations and you get some money, too. I had been contemplating it for quite a while. Before we even moved. I just really felt myself having a lot of regrets at the end of almost every day about not having enough patience with my kids. I found myself handing over the kids and heading out the door the second Bodie walked in just to get away by myself for an hour. So, I thought about what would be fun and one day I walked into Ulta Beauty and got a job. I work about 10 hours a week, nights or weekends, when Bodie is home from work, and I love it! It's only been a couple weeks now and it's just giving me exactly what I need. More adult interaction in the world of all things beauty (I'm a licensed cosmetologist and have always loved the fun, trendy hair industry). It's not too much that I'm overwhelmed there or at home, and so far it's proving to be just the right fit. Plus, I'm learning so much about makeup and skincare, and getting free samples while I'm at it! Winning! 

So there you have it. Living in our dream city has proven to be a harder adjustment than I thought it would. But taking on new challenges, getting uncomfortable, and making changes are making things better. 

 My blog, my camera, and really all of my social media platforms, has majorly taken a back seat for the past couple months, but I just needed some time to figure things out and get my footing. Apparently change doesn't always come easy, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with having kids! If it does then oh well because we're just gonna keep having them. (No we aren't pregnant!) 

Enjoy some fun photos below of our outside + around the house shenanigans! 

 Thanks for stopping by and staying a while, friends! Until next time. (Soon, promise!)

(^^Just getting big.) 
(^^King comforter washing at the laundromat. I'm convinced the most unfriendly people go here) 
(^^It's so hard to wait for little brother) 
(^^Dinosaur roars came on the loud speakers and she perked right up!) 
(^^I quickly dressed Dollie here for a hike. Bodie was so upset about how mis-matched she was. Still makes me laugh. We were hiking!!)
(^^The Crack) 
(^^Playgrounds are tiring) 
(^^ Randomness at home) 
Little babe got into the sugar bowl!^^
(^^Favorite toy at a park ever.) 

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