May 2, 2017

About Dollie's Mama: Most Embarrassing Moment(s)

To kick off my About Dollie's Mama series we are re visiting two of my most embarrassing moments. 

During the summer of 2004 I was between my junior and senior years of high school and ventured off to SLC to live with my Dad and stepmom for the summer (divorced parents). Thankfully my bestie came to visit (from 2 hours away) often and we had plentyyyyyy of fun.

One beautiful Saturday afternoon my Dad and Lynda were headed out for the day and asked me to pick up Max, their sweet pup, from the local petsmart. He was getting cleaned and groomed. I took note and being that I had plans that evening for a night on the town I quickly showered and began getting ready. Mid hair and makeup I realized I had to leave that instant to pick up Max. Off to petsmart I rushed. I pulled into the parking stall and walked right into the store , directly to the first person at the first customer service desk I saw. I was a girl on a mission. I simply stated, "Hi. I'm here to pick up my dog, Max." The nice guy just looked at me. I restated my business there and added "...can you tell me where to go?" Still, the guy just looked at me super confused. That was it. I lost it. I mean I was in a hurry and I just needed to pick up my dang dog! Come on!!! What's this guys deal?! So in probably one of the rudest tones I've ever used with anyone, super annoyed and in a super hurry,  I angrily said, "My dog. Max! He is getting groomed. WHERE DO I PICK HIM UP AT?" And guess what the guy said? NOTHING. Still! I couldn't believe it. I slowly started to look around the store, then back at the guy, then around the store again, back at the guy, this time noticing his name tag which read "Staples". Yup, that's right folks. I was in fact in Staples, the office supply store, asking for my dog. After a brief moment of silence, as everything came full circle in my mind, I innocently asked,"I'm not in petsmart am I?" With a little chuckle he shook his head no and I of course was mortified but couldn't let him know that so I stormed out of there like it was his fault and he shouldn't have wasted my time. I walked next door, picked up Max and left. It was one of those big strip malls. You know the kind. The kind where you park up front but then you can't see the big name on the store front up top unless you walk back out into the parking lot and look up over the awning? My bad. There's a select few in my life who have pinned me with the nickname "Staples". Don't make my mistake, friends. Always know what store you're in before you begin making crazy demands. 

One more just for fun. 
High school again. It was the big basketball game against our rivals. It was at their school. This was a BIG rivalry, my friends. So of course me and my girlfriends get all dressed up, looking as good as we think we can, and we go to the game. I'm in my heels, full hair and face, for sure hoping to see some of the cute boys from the other school. Sometime during the game I had to run out to my car so I headed out of the gym  and toward the front doors. No one was really out there, just a few randoms here and there. But, nonetheless, you never know who you might run in to (very small towns where I grew up). So there I was strutting my stuff down the hallway like it was a fashion runway. I get to what I quickly realized was a glass door as I full body slammed it, face plant, makeup smear, lipgloss smudge...ouch. Naturally I turn around to see who saw and there was just one boy standing there, probably like 10 or 12, laughing hysterically at me. I was sure my face was beat red not just from embarrassment but also because I hit real hard guys. I finished what I went out for but for sure didn't come back in until I knew my face wouldn't be red. Sure enough, crazy makeup smudge mark on the door  on my way back through. Still to this day I am so thankful it was just a kid standing there. Could have been so much worse! Still so embarrassing. 

I'm sure I can rummage up a few more but we'll call it good for now. Any embarrassing moments you wannna  share? Let's hear it! I love a good laugh! 

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